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TRaCS - Trauma Recovery & Corporate Solutions


TRaCS - Trauma Recovery & Corporate SolutionsTRaCS – the Trauma Recovery and Corporate Solutions service from Changi General Hospital – is dedicated to improving workplace mental health and management of traumatic incidents through the provision of consultation, training and psychological support services for crisis management and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.
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2015 EMDR and ERP Training

9-17 March 2015, Changi General Hospital, Singapore

EMDR is a treatment of choice by numerous mental health departments, and trauma organisations. Read more.

2014 TRaCS Conference

7-16 August 2014, Changi General Hospital, Singapore

Our Conference aims to explore the area of human resilience, means to acquire posttraumatic growth and recovery. Read more.

MHFA(S) Train-The-Instructor Course - November 2013

In response to the rising demand for MHFA(S) courses, MHFA(S) conducts Train-The-Instructor for both MHFA(S) Adult and MHFA(S) Older Person course to increase the pool of instructors in Singapore.  Read more.

2012 Trauma Conference

27 - 29 September 2012, Changi General Hospital, Singapore

Building Emotional Resistance, Enhancing Resiliency and Improving Recovery:
Evidence-Based Practice Approaches. Read more.

Official Launch of Youth Mental Health First Aid (S) - June 2011

Our team addresses mental health issues of young people in Singapore by launching Youth Mental Health First Aid - Singapore. Read more.

MHFA(S) Executive Committee - May 2011

MEC was formed to develop and regulate all MHFA(S) activities in order to ensure compliance to the MOU with MHFA Australia / International. Read more.

HMDP Expert Dr Victor Welzant - August 2011

Dr Victor Welzant is the Director of Education and Training at the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF), an internationally recognised US-based organisation dedicated to the prevention and mitigation of disabling stress. Read more.

2010 Trauma Conference

26-28 August 2010, Changi General Hospital, Singapore

The conference discussed the different challenges in assessing, diagnosing and managing patients with psychological trauma following their involvement in traumatic events such as accidents, assaults and disasters. Read more.

HMDP Expert Dr Victor Welzant - July 2009

Dr Welzant is the Director of Education and Training at the ICISF, the organisation is an internationally recognised US-based organisation dedicated to the prevention and mitigation of disabling stress. Read more.

Official Launch of Mental Health First Aid (S) Older Person - Nov 2008

MHFA(S) OP was developed to cater to the needs of our population. Read more.

2008 Trauma Conference

24-26 July 2008, Changi General Hospital, Singapore

Traumatic Incidents: Early Intervention. Featured overseas trauma experts Dr Gary Quinn, Dr Jeffrey Mitchell and Mr Tony Culnane. Read more.

Official Launch of Mental Health First Aid (S) - December 2007

MHFA(S) was launched on 13 Dec 2007. Read more.


To be the centre for building human resilience

To increase human resilience through:

(a) Consultation, training & counseling support services in the area of crisis management and mental health to build individual & organizational psychological resistance, resiliency and recovery.
(b) Research in the area of human resilience, mental health and critical incident stress management.

TRaCS Services

We are dedicated to building individual and organisational resilience by improving workplace mental health and by managing the psychological impact of traumatic incidents. Find out more...

Employee Counseling Service (ECS)

Employee Counseling Service can be customized according to the organization’s needs, to provide an unlimited employee counseling helpline and/or face-to-face counseling sessions with our professionally trained Counselors. Find out more...

Crisis Support Services

Traumatic incidents such as sudden death or injury of a colleague and work related incidents are known to have an impact on employees’ psychological and emotional well-being. TRaCS has a Crisis Support Team that is ready to respond on-site, to assist affected employees. Find out more...

Mental Health First Aid (Singapore)

Just as first aid is administered to someone with physical injuries, MHFA are basic steps which one can apply to help someone having a mental health problem... Find out more...

Organisational Resiliency Courses

Critical incidents are unusually challenging events that can create significant human distress (psychological crisis) and overwhelm a person’s coping mechanism. Find out more...

Human Resiliency Courses

Psychologists have long recognized the capabilities of humans to adapt and ovecome risk and adversity. Find out more...

Our Relaxation CD

Whether you face stress at school, work or home, Healing Through Relaxation will help you to relax and cope with stress more effectively, through various examples of breathing techniques and soothing music. Find out more...